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Doca D-G600 75000mAh Portable UPS Power Bank

The Doca D-G600 is a versatile multi-purpose portable power bank that has a real 75000mAh battery capacity. Using Grade A 18650 battery cells inside with a full 100% power capacity.

The D-G600 uses a high quality PCBA with protected chips manufactured in the USA, to control the charging, discharging and performance of the power bank. High quality & fully fused making the Doca D-G600 extremely safe to use.


  • Vehicle Jump starter

  • Laptop charging/power supply (12V/16V/19V)

  • Dual USB output for mobile phones and tablets

  • 240V power outlet

  • LED lamp and torch with 8W and 10W, ideal for a variety of applications!

  • Accessory pack which includes a number of popular connections.

  • Carry handle with full DOCA patent

  • Carry bag

The D-G600 has an endless variety of uses with is USB outlets, 240V UK plug outlet and car jump starting abilities. Whether out camping, in the caravan, power cuts in the home or work, can be used for your power tools whilst out on a trade jobs, the list is endless!?

The DOCA D-G600 is fully CE and ROHS certified and a 1 year manufacturers return to base warranty (against manufacturer defects).


  • Power: 500W/800W (peak power)

  • Battery Capacity: 75000mAh

  • Dimensions: 218mm x 100mm x 244mm

  • Net Weight: 2.8kg

  • Outer Matieral: Rubberised plasting

  • Input: 12.6V/5A

  • Ouput: 12V/16V/19V 3A (for laptops)

  • 12V (for car jump starting)

  • 110V-220V (2.3A) for household appliances

  • 5V/1A, 2.1A USB for mobile phones, tablet pcs & other digital appliances

  • Full charge time: 5 - 7 hours

  • 8W Emergency LED torch

  • 10 LED Lamp

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